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What is Retinol


Sound scary? Well really this amazingly powerful anti-aging ingredient is just derivative from Vitamin A. When absorbed into this skin our body converts it into Retinoic Acid and that when the benefits really kick into gear. Looking for a powerhouse product that is anti-aging, anti-breakout, anti pigmentation and resurfacing? Read on…

What is one of the most powerful products to use on the skin?

Image Skincare Vital C range- All you need to know about Vitamin C.

Do you know how to fix your skin problems... we do

Hydration is incredibly important for your skin. It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin or you’re suffering from acne, blocked pores or breakouts, or any type of skin concern, hydration in the skin is a key factor.

When you're out in the cold, or at home with the heating on, all of this effects your skin, alcohol, stress and pollution affects the skin and reduces the hydration it in your skin.

Why come to us for Facials and Chemical Peels

We only use IMAGE Skincare for our Facials and Chemical Peels these advanced products were developed by cosmetic surgeons in the USA.

It’s made completely differently from most skin products, being a clinical range it's not the normal level of products most salons stock.

It has the most advanced clinically proven ingredients that have ever been developed and advanced delivery systems which drive powerful ingredients down to the layers of the skin where most products can’t reach, giving you faster results and longer lasting results.

New plans for 2020

2020 is a big year for me & my team, it’s the first time I’m starting to step away from being in the salon full time with clients, to work part time with my clients and work more on both of my business KSLA Professional and of course the salon

My main reason for doing this is to give our clients the best experience with us, no matter who they book with I want clients to get an amazing treatment every time, by growing my team into amazing therapists even more than they already are and enhancing our client experience.

Another feature in LASH-ED Magazine!

I love being asked to write for such specialist lash and business publications, this article is directed at business owners trying to grow their business. we talk about setting boundaries, pricing, and policies to protect their businesses ensures it grows. its a great read for anyone new to setting up a beauty business or struggling with client no shows, late payments and chasing clients . Look out for my next article in LASH-ED in the start of 2020

Read the full article here:

How to Set yourself apart as the best lash artist in your area

Who are you aiming at?

Christmas 2019

This year we have taken our bestselling, most advanced and results driven skin treatment and made it even better. I can hear you say already… that’s not possible. Well we have done it for you….. Our new Hydro Gel Facelift has arrived to get your skin absolutely stunning for the festive season.
Packed with Plant based Stem Cells. Botanicals, age busting Peptides, this skin treatment also includes the whole SIGNATURE FACELIFT treatment and a scalp massage and our 4th generation Boimolecular mask we are then giving you 5 mini products to take home with you.

Lash Education - why choose us

We have a extensive background in Lash education, our Director Kristina Shepherd is known in the industry and often featured in many lash and beauty magazines, such as The Guild, Professional Beauty, Wellbeing magazine, Lash Inc and Lash-Ed to name a few.

As seen in Lash-Ed Magazine

Our Lash Master and spa director Kristina was featured again in another top industry magazine. Kristina shares her secrets into how she creates the perfect set of lashes for her clients.

As seen in Lash Inc Magazine

Our Director Kristina Shepherd has been featured in Lash Inc Magazine!

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