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Winners of over 14 awards and featured in top beauty magazines and podcasts.

Shortlisted for another 4 awards in 2024

27 Two 6 Beauty Ltd is a luxury beauty salon in the heart of Welling, Kent.

Our therapists are highly professional experts in their chosen fields, and as a result our salon has won or been a finalist in over 14 awards over recent years.

We are proud to offer our clients the very best in customer service and the latest treatments.

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The very latest and greatest treatments that the beauty industry has to offer.

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Keep yourself looking beautiful and your body healthy and relaxed.

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“I wanted the most luxurious surroundings, where clients can truly relax and escape as soon as they walk in, from the organic essential oils, candles, soothing music, relaxing atmosphere combined with the most results driven treatments and a five star service.”

– Kristina Shepherd CEO & Director

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How long do the results last? 

The longevity of each skin booster treatment can vary depending on each brand, the skin quality and whether the treatment is maintained over a period. However, skin boosters typically can last anywhere from six to twelve months as a minimum, depending on varying factors. 

Are they really worth the hype ? 

They absolutely are! With the rise in popularity of these treatments, there must be reasoning behind this skin surge. Skin boosters provide dehydrated skin with intense hydration to revive the dermis.

book online or call 0208 301 2726 to book in
LIVE with Kristina Shepherd on skin boosters!
The perfect pre-summer skin boost 
Skin booster injections are one of the newest and most popular treatments we offer 

With absolutely no risk, Minimal downtime, and skin looking beautiful why not book yourself in for this procedure 

Top reasons to book 

a) Enhanced Hydration: Skin boosters deliver deep hydration to the skin, resulting in a dewy and plump complexion.

b) Improved Skin Texture: By stimulating collagen production, skin boosters can refine the skin’s texture, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

c) Natural Glow: Skin boosters promote a natural radiance, helping to restore a youthful and healthy appearance.

d) Long-Lasting Effects: The effects of skin boosters can last for several months, making them a cost-effective and convenient option for long-term skin rejuvenation.

You are in safe hands at 27 Two 6 Beauty Clinic, we are experienced, extensively trained, insured & licenced our process for client care in skin boosters are as follows

Give us a call on 0208 301 2726 
Or use the booking link in the bio to book
Frequently asked questions on lip blush 

Does it hurt?
It really does not hurt anywhere near what you think it will, you will feel the sensation, but you will not be in pain.

Most, if not all of my clients have said it is dramatically less than what they thought it was going to be, some clients say they can barely feel anything at all
i numb you at the start and can use secondary numbing during the procedure as well but most of my clients only end up having the first numbing & don’t need any more than that.

How long does it take?
You are looking at around 2.5 hours

How will I know if I like the shape?
Everything gets drawn on your lips before we get started so you will see the shape that it is going today, we have to work with your natural lip shape but we can enhance it so you can have a slightly more defined lip shape or cupids bow

What will the colour be like?
Once we have done your consultation, we look at different pigment shades together them on the skin so we can see what works with your skin tone, your hair your undertone and what we both think would look good, only once you are 100% happy with the colour and the shape will we proceed

Do they swell?
The lips can get a little bit swollen during the procedure but this is normal and we’ll go back down within a day or so.

How long does it last?
Lip blush is a two part procedure once you have the first part down you will need to return within 4 to 6 weeks to have part two done, this is to touch up any areas that need to be perfected, or enhanced anything that you want enhanced, then you will require a top up
once a year

Does it look natural ?
Yes very natural, once you have had both parts of your treatment the end result is a beautiful natural day time look, it will enhance your natural features and give you the colour back into your lips but this will be a natural blush and nothing too harsh bright or dark

Call 0208 301 2726 to book your consultation and patch test
What is a skin booster treatment? 

This is a new treatment that we launched a month or two ago, and it takes skincare and the advanced skin treatments that we currently offer to the next level 

Clients often misinformed about skin booster injections and confuse them with Botox and fillers, skin booster injections are one of the best treatments to have for skin health 

These are completely non-toxic, there is nothing bad in these injections at all, there is nothing toxic there is no strong chemicals as there is nothing to worry about, there is also no risk.

I believe everyone in their 30s and over should be having regular skin booster treatments these contain high concentration of hyaluronic acid and amino acids 

We currently have this in our body but as we age they deplete causing a loss of hydration, deeper lines and wrinkles, more signs of aging coming through to the surface of the skin, dull and dehydrated skin 

With a regular skin booster treatments your skin is going to be dramatically hydrated, fewer lines and wrinkles, refreshed and glowing skin

HA - hyaluronic acid will hold 1000 times its weight in water so your skin cells deep within the epidermis will resurface in a way that allows your skin cells to have a much more life and energy, your skin products and treatments will work so much better and overall the skin and cell health within skin will be much better

I recommend a course of three treatments one per month for three months to be repeated twice a year 

It is also essential that you are taking care of your skin wearing a broad-spectrum SPF daily amongst many other things to keep the skin healthy this is essential and we can talk about this in your appointments. 

Because these ingredients are something that your body already has in the skin you can’t be allergic therefore you don’t need a patch test it is a very safe procedure

Perfect pre-summer treatment 

Book yourself in and give us a call or book online
0208 301 2726
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PMU is fast becoming a popular treatment of choice for our clients. Because all brows & lip procedures are a bespoke treatment it doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80 we will create the perfect brow shape,colour & technique for you

Don’t forget to book in for your consultation where we can discuss the treatment in detail with you, answer all questions map measure and draw your brows on for you to give you peace of mind 

now is the best time to have this procedure done as it will be perfectly held by the summer so you can go out and about with the most gorgeous perfect brows and lips 

give us a call or book online for your consultation 
Booking link is in the bio 
or call us on 0208 301 2726

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Our clinic owner Kristina Shepherd has 20 years experience & runs clinic days within the salon. You can book direct with Kristina for any of our injectables, skin peels & advanced facials & PMU 
Kristina had won many awards
is a level 4 trained therapist 
Educator & IQA 
Expert in skin & highly trained in leading procedures 

You can book online under Clinic owner treatments 
or call from 10am tomorrow 
0208 301 2726 
booking links in bio 

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Would you love to wake up with perfect brows? Not have to do your brows every morning? 

Powder Brows is perfect for you 
Soft & natural, fills in gaps in the eyebrow 
zero maintenance 
only 2 sessions needed then yearly top ups 

Book online or call us for your patch test & consultation 

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BLOGS! Did you know we write a lot of blogs on everything from the latest skin products to waxing, trusted not trending result procedures & our favourite treatments & so much more!! 
Blogs on on our website. Link in bio 

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Lip blush anyone? 

Would you love to wake up and not do your make up everyday? have soft colour & defined lips everyday without the hassle? Lip blush procedure gives you a Natural colour but want our clients love even more is the way it will enhance the shape. 

Lip blush is perfect if you are not ready or don’t want lip filler as we work with what you want & can increase the fullness slightly with this! 

Have naturally enhanced lips everyday We are giving away s free consultation & mapping appointment 
Private consultation 
All questions answered 
Map & draw on the shape 
Look at colours & find your perfect match 

Call or book online 
0208 301 2726
Russian lashes, also known as volume lashes, are a type of eyelash extension technique. Russian lashes involve applying multiple lightweight extensions to each natural lash. This creates a fuller and more voluminous look, as multiple lashes are adhered to each natural lash. Russian lashes can be customized in terms of length, curl, and thickness to achieve the desired look. 
Hybrid lashes!
Hybrid lashes refer to a type of eyelash extensions that combine both individual and Russian techniques.
Hybrid lashes, a combination of both techniques, are used to create a fuller and more textured look. This involves applying a mix of individual lashes and Russian fans to the natural lashes, resulting in a more dramatic and voluminous appearance. The individual lashes provide length and the Russian fans add density and fullness. Individuals who desire a more glamorous and multidimensional look often prefer hybrid lashes.
Individual lashes!
Individual lashes are applied one by one to create a more natural and customizable look. They can be used to add length, volume, and thickness to your natural lashes, enhancing your overall eye appearance. 


Call us to book 0208 301 2726 or book online link in bio
My last post was all about commercial skincare and why it does not work, the next level up is salon and spa ranges  you can only purchase in a spa or a salon these are much better than your commercial

But if you want the very best skincare, one that is going to give you the very best ingredients and is going to deliver outstanding results then the only option is to invest in cosmeceutical skincare. 

These products are made by doctors and skin surgeons, it is nothing like if you go to your GP to get a prescription cream, that, is in my opinion the worst thing to do for any type of cosmetic problem with your skin because the NHS is just not catered for that type of products. 

I’m talking about skin doctors and surgeons who are at the forefront of science technology ingredients and results

Many of you will know that we only stock cosmeceutical products within our clinic because of the high level of results are clients continually get . 

These products are made in the US by skin surgeons and doctors, regulated in the UK and are only prescribed by us after extensive training. 

These products contain the most advanced delivery system such as vectorise technology which encapsulates the best quality retinol ingredient and travels to the correct layers of your epidermis, it contains the outstanding quality in all ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic, and so much more. 

These products are safe as they are classed as a clean clinical which means there is no harmful ingredients in the product, there is nothing that is going to irritate the skin, these are clean clinical safe and results driven. 

These products should only be prescribed by a skin specialist as they are extremely active but when used correctly, as all of our clients can verify the results are outstanding and you are safe in the knowledge of knowing you are investing in one of the worlds best products

I could talk about skincare all day, but if you are interested in having a skincare and treatment plan created completely bespoke to your needs this is something you can book him for with us 

Just give us a call or book online under in-depth skin analysis 
0208 301 2726
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