Does a Lash Lift Ruin Your Lashes?

Posted on July 20th, 2023

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Does a lash lift ruin your lashes, it’s not the treatment which can ruin your eyelashes it’s the lash tech. Let me explain. A lash lift is a very popular treatment and similar to the slightly old lash perms instead of curling the natural eyelashes a lash lift simply works with your own eyelashes, lifts them up and keeps them in a lifted position for 6-8 weeks

A Lash lift treatment does not damage your natural eyelashes but a poorly trained lash tech can. Lash lift & tint treatment uses strong products which enter the hair structure through the lash cuticle and into the cortex this is to change the structure of the lash giving you the new lifted shape.

If you go to someone well trained and experienced you will be relaxed, get to lay done for an hour & have perfect lifted eyelashes. However, if you go to someone not well trained and does not know how to do the treatment correctly it can be a disaster. You could end up with burnt & frazzled lashes, painful eyes, lashes over curled or product in the eyes. So, it really does pay to go to a well-trained lash expert.

If correctly done the lash lift should take around an hour and is a relaxing treatment to have done. The lash tech will cleanse over the lashes and apply a soft gel pad underneath the eye, once your eyes are closed a soft silicone shield is placed on to the closed eye and lashes are brushed onto it and attached with a water based lash glue this process is painless and feels like someone is brushing your eyelashes, a lifting and setting solution is carefully applied to the correct part of the lash and once the development time has finished, usually around 8 minutes for each solution everything is removed and you have beautiful lifted eyelashes.

The main reason why this treatment goes wrong with poorly trained lash techs is they don’t understand where to put the solutions and even being 1 or 2mm in the wrong place can cause a problem such as burnt frazzled lashes or lashes not lifting, the second reason I see lash lifts going wrong is improper removal, without extreme care during the removal process the products will keep working leaving the lashes burnt and overprocessed.

Don’t’ miss understand me, we do hundreds of lash lifts every month at my salon 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling, I judge international lash completions and teach lash lifting treatment. A lash lift is one of our most popular treatments to do, you must do your research before you book in with a lash technician.

After your Lash lift, your eyelashes are soft, fluffy & lifted for 6-8 weeks. You can be sure if you book with us at 27 Two 6 Beauty in welling you will receive the best treatment, all of my team are well trained, and I am also available to book personally on selected dates.

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