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Posted on February 1st, 2023

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Best facials in London, our clients often say that. Here at 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling we are experts in Facials & Chemical peels. We have a lot of clients who are interested in our Facials/Chemical Peels. We want you to understand why we go through the processes of Skin Prep before we allow any client to have a Chemical Peel. We want to explain that we do and the risks that can happen if we don’t follow our process.

If you wanted to book a chemical peel the first thing we would do a full consultation, this is all done at our welling salon.

Our therapists do a skin consultation so we can establish what you are trying to achieve with your skin. Find out what you have tried before and where you are on your skin journey. We occasionally find clients have been wrongly advised what they need for their skin.

We gather relevant information

Determine the clients Fitzpatrick type (skin type) as this will determine how long the client will be on skin prep before the first skin peel

What products the client is currently using, occasionally the client could have been advised incorrect products or they are on basic drug store products which will hinder results.

Develop a customised regimen

Develop a treatment plan, this will consist of products and several Enzyme Facials

What does a Chemical peel do? 

The reason to have chemical peel is not to peel layers of the skin off, many people think this is the reason however skin peel is just a side effect to what is happening.

There are many different strengths of peels & types. We offer a range of strengths and would always start a client off on a lower strength and if needed progress onto higher ones. Not all clients can have the most powerful or want to.

We have peels made for reducing lines & wrinkles, increasing cell turnover and speeding up the process of getting younger skin to the surface faster, reducing the signs of aging, rejuvenating the whole of the face, lifting and firming the skin.

Other peels are for Acne and will reduce spots, excess oil on the skin redness and all the problems clients with acne suffer with

We also do peels to reduce pigmentation which is uneven darker patches on the skin. Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin concerns to treat and will need to understand what improvement can be made and be dedicated to the process

skin peeling can happen and is just a normal side effect while the peel is working. It’s important to note not all client peel, many don’t peel at all and that is fine, the chemical peel will still work it just did not need to shed any skin in the process.

What is skin prep and why do we make clients have this before chemical peels. 

Skin prep is a mixture of Signature Facelift treatments (enzyme peels) & IMAGE products (medical grade skincare compatible with chemical peels)

1-4 signature facelift treatments every 2-3 weeks and IMAGE cleanser, serum, spf & night cream. Your skin therapist will customise a plan for you and explain how many treatments & what products all you need to do is follow your plan.

The skin must be treated for 2-6 weeks before the Chemical peel to avoid any contractions or post-peel complications happening during or after the Peel. If we don’t ensure we prep the skin for 2-6 weeks before your first chemical peel there is a high chance of:

Side effects

Burning on the skin

The healing process of the skin will be slowed if your skin barrier is impaired.

Products won’t penetrate the skin

You will be at risk of acceleration of hyperpigmentation, (for clients of a higher Fitzpatrick)

Prone to inflammation of the skin

However, because we prep your skin with IMAGE products at home as well as in salon with certain facials and IMAGE products for 2-6 weeks you will see more results, the products will penetrate your skin

Results from the 2-6 weeks of prep

Excellent results from your peel

Your Skin barrier will be at good health allowing the peel to work at the correct speed

Accelerate healing

Reduce post-peel complications

Reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Why you need to have skin prep for 2-6 weeks 

If you are a Fitzpatrick 1,2 & 3 (fair skin tone ) you will need to have skin prep every 2-3weeks to prep your skin so we can get your skin barrier healthier and to thin the epidermal layer, however if you are a Fitzpatrick 4,5 &6 (darker skin tone) we will prep you 4-6 weeks, we prep higher Fitzpatrick’s for longer as they are more prone to inflammation in the skin and at higher risk of hyperpigmentation. Overall getting facials every 2-3 weeks will give the client better results if they’re skin is more hydrated and prepared for the chemical peels, their skin will be used to higher quality products, and it is also safer for the client to reduce any risk of reactions.

Our Facials & Chemical Peels are advanced. 

The types of facials we do here at 27 TWO 6 Beauty are not just your average day to day facials, they are very advanced medical facials, with advanced technologies and ingredients! IMAGE skin care products have different delivery systems which is why we see such a massive difference in the skin when having enzyme peels and chemical peels as well as having a good skincare routine at home using IMAGE!

Delivery systems

Stem cell technology- recharges youthfulness of the skin

Boots cell turnover

Provides effective relief against the signs or redness and irritation

Increase hydration by 28% and elasticity by 11%

Medicates aging and photoaging effects

Protects epidermal stem cells against UV damage

Vectorize technology

Better skin absorption

All ingredients of the products travel into each layer of the epidermis

Enhanced ingredient efficacy

The first step is to book a skin consultation with one of our therapist

Book a skin consult

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