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Brow Lamination in Welling

Posted on May 25th, 2022

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Introduction to Brow Lamination!

Brow Lamination is one of the newest eyebrow treatments in the beauty industry. This treatment can make the brow hairs reposition into the desired shape you want! This amazing treatment can create fuller,thicker, fluffier brows or help uneven, untamed brows as the hair will be more flexible and more soft to manage and to move around into the shape you want to have.

Brow Lamination has come to 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling. Brow Lamination is a very popular treatment and is perfect for people that have thin eyebrows or would just like to have them look slightly thicker and defined.

When you have Brow Lamination done at 27 Two 6 Beauty we carry out a full consultation to ensure you leave with perfect brows. Your brows will be more lifted than required, however this is to allow the processing time for 24hrs, in the morning you will be able to wash your face and brows and direct them into your desired shape! ( we recommend purchasing our Brow Glue to hold them in place throughout the day. Brow Glue also has caster oil mixed in which will keep your brows nourished and hydrated and help promote hair growth!)

We recommend you get your Brow Lamination done every 6 weeks, we also recommend getting a brow lamination maintenance every 4 weeks (brow tidy and tint & condition)

Benefits of Brow Lamination:

  1. Brow lamination is a very low maintenance treatment
  2. Great for brows that lack symmetry
  3. instant results
  4. Creates volume, fluffy and full thicker brows
  5. Quick treatment can be carried out in 30-40 minutes
  6. Great for people with sparse brows
  7. Perfect if youre not ready for a semi permanent treatment

If you want to find out more just give us a call or book online. Dont forget you will need a patch test

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