Our Lash & Brow expert Kristina Shepherd is the London trainer for the internationally recognized brand Lash Perfect, teaching many of their brands including lash perfect, advance lash extensions Russian Layering/Tahitian Feathering, Hi Brow & Brow Perfect at the Lash Perfect flagship salon London.

Kristina is often featured in professional beauty magazine for her work also as a “ask the experts” lash & brow expert for the magazine.

The way we apply lashes will be very comfortable with no irritation and no damage to your natural lashes.

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash lifting is a procedure which lifts the natural lashes, and make them look thicker, slightly curled and darker. If done correctly the lashes will be separated and give the effect of a beautiful full lash line. We also tint the lashes this will make them appear darker and longer. Natural lashes grow, fall out and new ones grow all the time so although the Lash Lift is permanent it will last until new lashes grow through. completely painless and will not damage your own natural lashes. Lash lifts will last up to 6 weeks

Advanced Mega Volume

Advanced Mega Volume lashes using ultra fine lashes, hand applied to each individual natural lash to add volume and definition to the eyes. This technique is weightless and causes no damage to the natural lash. we apply around 1600 lashes on each eye these lashes are handmade volume fans creating a beautiful bespoke look. approx. 3 hours £150

Wispy Lashes

 Using our soft hand made lashes we can create a custom set of beautiful lashes so soft & fluffy. Perfect if you have small eyes or just don't want a heavy look. 


Russian Layering

This is one of the advance technique in the lash industry, a technique I teach very often in London and at the spa, a very popular choice for lash extensions, giving you a high impact, high fashion look, over 400 ultra light weight lashes per eye. Every lash treatment we do is bespoke to what the client has asked for. Russian Volume is The ultimate creme de la creme in lash extensions. 2 hours If you are unsure which lash extensions you require just give us a call and we can talk you through the options, any questions please just call.

Individual Lash Extension

Semi-permanent lash ext £80 Individual lash extensions - 1 false lash is applied to each and every one of your own lashes which is approximately 140 light weight lashes per eye, (you will hardly be able to feel them ) this is perfect for everyday wear, holidays, special occasions & due to the technical way they are applied there is no damage to the natural lash, this takes between 1.5 to 2 hours If you are unsure which lash extensions you require just give us a call and we can talk you through the options, any questions please just call.

Lash & Brow Tinting

By tinting your lashes or brows your eyes will appear more open and brows will be more defined, one of the biggest trends in fashion today is perfectly groomed eyebrows. Tinting lashes and brows is just the thing if you're going on holiday - no more panda eyes on the beach! Also fantastic if you have very fair hair on your brows and would like the look of more glamorous groomed brows.  Please remember to book a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first tinting treatment.