Hands and Feet

Eastern Himalayan Foot Ritual

Designed for clients who are on their feet all day, this is not a pedicure but a foot ritual for tired feet. Enjoy a long luxurious foot massage, then our sublimely relaxing and soothing Eastern Himalayan Foot Ritual will eases away tension of the lower legs and feet. Your feet will be cocooned in warm towels infused with lemongrass oil then soaked in a warm foot spa whilst you enjoy a pressure point massage then finished with a sublime relaxing foot and lower leg massage


Manicures/Pedicures/ Gels From £22

All our Spa Manicures and Pedicures offer the ultimate in hand, feet and nail luxury, using Thai products with natural and hydrating ingredients, enjoy the experience when hands are pampered in aromatic oils, experience a relaxing massage when aroma oils are used to invigorate the skin, revive and awaken the senses when Sandalwood, ginger and lime turns a bowl of warm water into a shimmering and hydrating bath, nails are filed into shape, a sensuous exotic scrub polishes the skin, then enjoy a deeply relaxing hand massage, nails are polished and buffed to a shine, cuticles are tidied and na


Brightening Stem Cell Hand Treatment

This is not a manicure but a nourishing and brightening skin treatment for the hands. Hands are one of the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing. They get used everyday and rarely taken care of as much as we should.


File & Polish

Nails are perfectly filed into shape and painted in the colour of your choice.

Duration - 20 minutes - £12

Why not try our Buff Polish and Shine treatment where nails are filed into shape, cuticles are pushed back and excess cuticle removed, nails buffed with our 4 way buffer this removes all ridges and leaves a healthy shine to the nails then painted in your chosen colour.

Duration - 15 minutes - £15


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