Our Lash & Brow expert Kristina Shepherd is the London trainer for the internationally recognized brand Lash Perfect, teaching many of their brands including lash perfect, advance lash extensions Russian Layering/Tahitian Feathering, Hi Brow & Brow Perfect at the Lash Perfect flagship salon London.

Kristina is often featured in professional beauty magazine for her work also as a “ask the experts” lash & brow expert for the magazine.

Only Lash perfect products are used in all our semi-permanent lash & brow treatments. Every client has a complete consultation before any treatment to ensure we create the perfect look for your eyes.

The way we apply lashes will be very comfortable with no irritation and no damage to your natural lashes.

Lola Brows - Long Lasting Brow Treatment

Lola Brows - Long Lasting Brow Treatment
The eyebrows the celebrities dream of, LoLa Brows is the brand new, innovative treatment. This treatment creates the perfect brow with colour, shape and style created exclusively for them. The treatment couldn't be more personal to your clients if it tried.

Brow Perfect

The perfect treatment is you suffer from over thin eye brows, gaps in the brows or even if you have no eye brows at all, we can help. Brow Perfect is a revolutionary treatment where tiny brow hairs are attached onto the skin or existing hair on the eye brow to add thickness, fill gaps or create a new fuller shape, anything you need.

Prices are on consultation depending what is required, starting from £15


Hi Brow

High definition brows are a must have we measure, tint, shape & wax your eye brows into the prefect shape for you. 30-40 minutes


Lash & Brow Tinting

By tinting your lashes or brows your eyes will appear more open and brows will be more defined, one of the biggest trends in fashion today is perfectly groomed eyebrows. Tinting lashes and brows is just the thing if you're going on holiday - no more panda eyes on the beach! Also fantastic if you have very fair hair on your brows and would like the look of more glamorous groomed brows.

Lash Tint £15.50
Brow Tint £8

Please visit us for a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first tinting treatment.


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