Another feature in LASH-ED Magazine!

I love being asked to write for such specialist lash and business publications, this article is directed at business owners trying to grow their business. we talk about setting boundaries, pricing, and policies to protect their businesses ensures it grows. its a great read for anyone new to setting up a beauty business or struggling with client no shows, late payments and chasing clients . Look out for my next article in LASH-ED in the start of 2020 Read the full article here: How to Set yourself apart as the best lash artist in your area Who are you aiming at?

Christmas 2019

This year we have taken our bestselling, most advanced and results driven skin treatment and made it even better. I can hear you say already… that’s not possible. Well we have done it for you….. Our new Hydro Gel Facelift has arrived to get your skin absolutely stunning for the festive season. Packed with Plant based Stem Cells. Botanicals, age busting Peptides, this skin treatment also includes the whole SIGNATURE FACELIFT treatment and a scalp massage and our 4th generation Boimolecular mask we are then giving you 5 mini products to take home with you.

Waxing! do you know your Hollywood's from your French

Waxing 101 Removing unsightly hair is a time-consuming ritual carried out by the majority of women and these day a lot of men too. Shaving may seem like the quickest and easiest way to de-fuzz but if you’re like me and would have to reach for the razor every other day for Dolphin like smooth skin then I’m telling you now, you’re not saving time. (Not to mention the saving rashes, lumps, lump cuts and scars to go with it) You know that lovely dress you wanted to wear tomorrow night? Nope, sorry the chunk taken out of your shin suggests you should wear trousers. We have all been there.

PCOS and Adult Acne

Adult Acne and PCOS So, this week we will be exploring Adult Acne and to encourage more people to seek help through skin care and not suffer in silence or try and hide behind makeup (trust me this isn’t helping). Adult Acne can be hard to deal with, most people associate it with hormonal teens and even though hormones are a major cause, they are forever changing, from your teenage years, to monthly periods, to pregnancy and menopause they can hit you with Adult Acne at any age. Other causes include: - Oily/spot prone skin - Stress - Pollution - Diet