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What does Retinol do?

Posted on April 11th, 2024

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If you’re looking to improve the overall appearance and health of your skin, retinol may be the solution you’ve been searching for. At 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling, we are experts in skin care and can help you create a personalised skin plan that includes the use of retinol if we think this should be included in your skin plan. In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of retinols, the benefits they offer, as well as the potential risks involved.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is used in skincare products to promote cell turnover and stimulate collagen production. There are several different types of retinols available, including retinol, retinaldehyde, and prescription-strength retinoids like tretinoin. Each type of retinol varies in strength and effectiveness, so it’s important to consult with a skincare professional to determine which one is best for your skin type and concerns.

At 27 Two 6 Beauty we understand the benefits of using retinol is its ability to improve the overall texture and tone of your skin. As skin experts with many years’ experience we can create a safe treatment plan incorporating active products to give you the best results

Retinol can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and unclog pores to prevent breakouts. Retinol also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective treatment for acne and other skin conditions.

However, it’s important to note that retinol can also have potential risks, especially if used incorrectly. It can cause skin irritation, redness, and peeling, especially when first starting out. That’s why it’s crucial to start with a lower concentration and gradually increase the strength as your skin becomes accustomed to it. It’s also important to use retinol in conjunction with a good sunscreen, as it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

At 27 Two 6 Beauty, we can help you navigate the world of retinols and create a personalised skin plan that addresses your specific concerns and goals. Our team of skincare experts will assess your skin type and recommend the best retinol products for you. We’ll also provide you with tips on how to use retinol effectively and safely, so you can achieve the glowing, youthful skin you desire.

If you’re ready to take your skincare routine to the next level with retinol, schedule a consultation with us at 27 Two 6 Beauty in Welling. Our experienced skin therapists will work with you to create a customised skin plan that will help you achieve the beautiful, radiant skin you deserve.

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