Why come to us for Facials and Chemical Peels

We only use IMAGE Skincare for our Facials and Chemical Peels these advanced products were developed by cosmetic surgeons in the USA. It’s made completely differently from most skin products, being a clinical range it's not the normal level of products most salons stock. It has the most advanced clinically proven ingredients that have ever been developed and advanced delivery systems which drive powerful ingredients down to the layers of the skin where most products can’t reach, giving you faster results and longer lasting results. Foam bust technology, water bank technology & Vectorise Technology are just a few delivery systems built into Image products which drive ingredients deeper within the epidermal layers. Vectorise Technology is one of the systems used and is inside the products, it’s a sphere which encapsulates stem cells, peptides and other ingredients, this penetrates through water and oil layers going deep into the epidermis of the skin This technology is time realised and works over 48 hours, most skin products can’t come close to this. It’s a strange concept to think millions of tiny Spheres are holding powerful ingredients inside the layers of the sphere, going into the layers of your skin and over a 48 hour period layers of powerful stem cells and peptides are being absorbed into the skin. It’s not just lines & wrinkles these products reduce its many skin conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation , dull tired skin and so much more. Book in for a free consultation and we can explain more about how we can give you the skin you want