Lash Education - why choose us

We have a extensive background in Lash education, our Director Kristina Shepherd is known in the industry and often featured in many lash and beauty magazines, such as The Guild, Professional Beauty, Wellbeing magazine, Lash Inc and Lash-Ed to name a few. We offer beginners and advanced Lash extension courses at the spa and other locations around the UK where our courses are taught. with over ten years experience in lashes and lash education the courses which have our name on them are far superior to many others. Our students leave us and go on to setting up their own business where they work full time doing lashes often giving themselves a much higher income then their previous full time job. With the correct education we can take you from complete beginner to full booked lash artist in a matter of months. We teach you how not only how to become an amazing lash artist but how to market your lash business, how to make the most of social media and your website. How to manage clients to keep a balance yet to make money. business policies and procedures which will save you money and keep your business growing. With our help you can have financial freedom and a profitable growing lash business. Get in touch for more details on 0208 301 2726, or read the page on Lash courses to find out more about what is included