Advanced Acne treatment

A full skin consultation is needed as we need to completely customise a treatment plain depending on what condition the skin is in, what products & treatment you’re currently using and any medications you’re on from your GP. This bespoke acne treatment is perfect for those suffering with advanced acne or just the odd breakout that you can’t seem to control. Using clinically proven cosmeceutical skincare the treatment is easily tailored to meet the challenges of the skin. We recommend a course of treatment although you will see a difference after one treatment, in some cases of server breakouts a few treatments will be require. In some cases, we start with gentle organic products to keep the skin calm used in conjunction with our Nano Current machine which will energised the skin at cellular level to fight & clear breakouts and heal the skin. Once the inflammation is under control we can if needed, start to introduce some gentle acids on the skin such a salicylic which will completely clear the blocked pours and reduce future breakouts. Each visit the skin is re examined and a new treatment is carried out, this way we ensure the skin gets the best results