Skin Resurfacers

6 treatments, including consultation & homecare £539

These skin resurfacers are for more serious concerns such as acne scarring, deep pigmentation or anything you may have struggled with for years.

Using different types of acids such as Glicolic, salicylic or AHA, this will speed up cell turnover resulting in rapidly shedding dead skin cells and increasing basil cell turnover all of which improves the skin by removing the top layers of damaged cells. Leaving you with problem free skin much sooner .

These are advanced skin resurfacers therefore all clients will need a consultation and must be on homecare a minim of 2 weeks prior to the first treatment. Resurfacers are only available in treatments of 6 ( 1 every 2 weeks) you will have “down time” which will be explained during consultation.


Gift Vouchers Available

Please select a Gift Voucher and this can be sent to you in the post of picked up from the Salon. Payment can be made via your PayPal account or credit card.

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